PEV Series

Pneumatic external vibrators PEV

Pneumatic external vibrators PEV: Reliable vibration without electricity

The PEV series of pneumatic external vibrators offer reliable vibration performance for continuous use. They are extremely sturdy, distinguished by a simple design, low maintenance and a long service life. Pneumatic external vibrators are the first choice for concrete consolidation when no electricity is available on site.

Pneumatic external vibrators PEV

Sturdy design

  • The vibration-proof and sturdy design ensures a high level of reliability and safety as well as a long service life.
Exposed Concrete

Well-suited for lightweight formwork

  • Pneumatic external vibrators are reliable and robust. The PEV10 and PEV14 models are ideally suited for light formwork and cast-in-place concrete sites.
  • The PEV27 model is well suited for light formwork such as column and truss formwork or formwork carriages.
Exposed Concrete

Well-suited for heavy formwork

  • The PEV40, PEV45, and PEV60 models are ideally suited for heavy precast formwork such as structural segments, steel tables, or material transport.

More Features

Pneumatic external vibrators PEV

Finely tiered product range

  • All external vibrators are available in many voltages and frequencies. This way, the perfect solution for every project can be found.

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