Wheel loader WL110

Wheel loader WL110: Productivity in a new dimension

The largest machine in the compact wheel loader segment by Wacker Neuson: the wheel loader WL110. In the 1,8 m3 class, the machine is impressive in particular for its performance, which is demonstrated by its high tipping load and pushing power. Thanks to the large bucket capacity and high operating weight, the wheel loader is ideally suited for heavy but safe materials handling. The engine and the work hydraulics are designed for productivity, making the machine an efficient helper when it comes to safely and comfortably moving large volumes of material.

Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL60, Speed 30 hp, 40 hp

30/40 km/h speed

  • With the appropriate engine, the machine can reach a speed of 30 or 40 km/h. This allows the machine to move from A to B more quickly, saving time and increasing efficiency.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL38, WL52, WL60-WL110, Joystick console with spring

Joystick console spring-mounted on the operator's seat

  • The joystick console is mounted on the operator's seat and is cushioned against vibrations. If the operator's seat is adjusted to the operator's needs, the joystick console is also adjusted accordingly and always has the perfect position, a plus in comfort and ergonomics for the operator.
  • The joystick console and the operator's seat form a single unit. This means that the operator's arm position is not changed while working with the machine. This increases comfort for the operator allowing them to work for longer without fatigue.

More Features

Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL44, WL52, WL54, differential lock

100 % connectible differential lock

  • The connectible 100% differential lock provides maximum traction and thrusting power when needed. It also keeps tire wear low. This increases the efficiency of the machine.
  • During normal operation the differential lock is deactivated, this provides safety, low wear and, as a result, saves in operating costs.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL20-WL110, Multitool tool carrier

The wheel loader as an attachment carrier

  • The tasks for wheel loaders are varied and so are the attachments from Wacker Neuson. With our comprehensive and sophisticated product range of attachments, any model can become a multifunctional machine.
  • The investment asset “wheel loader” can be used for a variety of task areas and is thus very economical.
  • The machine can be used all year round (e.g. even for winter service), relying on many different attachments depending on the application.
Wacker Neuson Radlader WL44, equipment

Variety of equipment

  • The Wacker Neuson wheel loaders have comprehensive and high-quality standard components. In addition, the engine, drive system, operator's cab, or hydraulics can be individually configured depending on application and model. It is always guaranteed that the machine meets individual requirements and preferences.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL95, WL110, Service accessibility

Optimal service accesses

  • The machine has easily accessible access panels and the mudguards can be removed. This allows easy access to the engine, hydraulic system, and electronics. This greatly facilitates the inspection and maintenance of the machine. The engine hood can be opened widely, thereby allowing for optimal access.
  • For more major maintenance work, the cab can be tilted to the side if necessary with the aid of a crane or fork lift. This way, the cab does not have to be completely dismantled. This results in reduced machine downtimes and thus lower total operating costs.
  • The simple and fast serviceability automatically maximizes the availability of the machine. This in turn reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO).
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL95-WL110, Reversible fan

Reversible fan

  • The hydraulic motor and pump are designed so that the fan's airflow can be reversed (reversing capability). At the push of a button in the cab, the contamination on the intake surfaces of the engine hood is simply blown away. This protects the machine from damage due to overheating and avoids additional dismounting and manual maintenance.
  • The reversible fan increases the longevity of the engine and provides extra comfort for the operator.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL34, WL44, WL54, Joystick

Ergonomic Joystick

  • The joystick fits securely and comfortably in one hand. The control is direct and sensitive at the same time. The operator therefore always has complete control over the machine and its most important functions.
  • In addition to standard functions such as direction selection and speed setting, many other functions such as the differential lock, the 3rd and 4th control circuits, high-flow, and all electric functions can be operated via the joystick. This results in convenient one-handed operation of attachments, and the operator always has the most important functions under control. This increases efficiency and ensures fatigue-free work, even over longer periods.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL20, WL25, WL28, Working climate ventilation

Comfortable working environment

  • The efficiently designed heating and ventilation system with fan, fresh air filter and well-placed air nozzles keeps the cab in a comfortable working climate.
  • Sufficient air nozzles are installed depending on the type of cab, which enables good air circulation and makes the working climate pleasant for the operator.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL60, WL70, Vibration damping

Vibration-damped workstation

  • Vibration is absorbed by the machine through appropriate dampers. The operator's body is very well protected, allowing work for longer periods with the machine in a relaxed and fatigue-free manner.
  • The operator's concentration is less affected by vibrations and jolts, allowing for longer, efficient work.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader, WL95, WL110, Automatic load swing damping

Load arm damping with automatic function

  • The lifting arm damping can be activated electrically and enables optimum handling of the machine on rough terrain and on the road. It is particularly recommended when the machine has to move a heavy load in the bucket or a heavy attachment over a long distance at high speed. In this case, the lifting arm damping provides increased safety and comfort for the operator.
  • Lifting arm damping prevents the machine from rocking at high travel speeds. This increases safety for the operator and protects the vehicle components by absorbing shocks.
  • The lifting arm damping can be switched off completely or switched on permanently. There is also an automatic function. Here, the jog dial is used to set the ground speed at which the lifting arm damping is automatically activated. If the set ground speed is not reached again, the lifting arm damping is also deactivated automatically. This offers the operator maximum comfort and safety.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL28-WL110, Hand throttle

Manual throttle

  • The hand throttle allows manual regulation of a constant engine speed for optimum operation of an attachment. The setting is done conveniently and precisely via a corresponding control lever.
  • The hand throttle allows comfortable and fatigue-free work with the same attachment even over a longer period of time.

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