Wacker Neuson Radlader WL28e mit Palettengabel im Einsatz

Wheel loaders WL28e: Electric, powerful, environmentally-friendly

The power ratings of the electrically-driven WL28e wheel loader correspond to those of a conventional diesel-operated machine. The installed 96-Volt lithium-ion battery is available in three power ratings so that the running and charging times can be optimally coordinated with the work requirements. Different charging cables and plugs ensure the machine’s flexible charging options. The WL28e works on-site completely free from exhaust gases and with significantly lower noise emissions. For the end user, this means greater flexibility in application, environmental protection and significant savings with operating costs. The low design of the front end therefore provides the perfect visibility and high tipping loads. It will master pallets with paving stones or other transported goods up to 1.6 t effortlessly.

Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL20e, charging options

Easy charging options

  • The charging cover can be accessed easily from the outside on the machine. Behind it you will find the socket, the activation switch, and the charge display.
  • The charging cable (Type 2 plug on the machine, familiar from the automotive industry), including the control box, is available with a number of different plugs: 230 V / 10 A Schuko, 230 V / 16 A CEE (blue, 3-pole), 400 V / 16 A CEE (red, three-phase AC current, 5-pole), 400 V / 16 A (Type 2 plug wall box, IEC 62196), and other adapter plugs.
  • The flexible, selectable charging plugs enable fast and coordinated charging of the selected battery size. In combination with the installed on-board charger, both efficient and safe charging processes are guaranteed.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL28e display digital, studio

Easy-to-read digital display

  • The main functions always in sight: With the digital display, the operator always has everything in sight while working.
  • On the outside of the display are the standard indications, like the warning light for the parking brake or the control lights for the indicator or the full beam.
  • In the central area of the display for information there are three main views and a variety of useful information, e.g. operating hour meter, charge status of the drive battery, remaining running time / remaining charge time, speed display, average consumption, recuperation level, date, time, or temperature of different components.

More Features

Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL20-WL70, Powder coating

High-quality powder coating

  • Compared to conventional wet painting, powder coating significantly extends the service life of the machine and is environmentally friendly at the same time.
  • The durable powder coating guarantees value retention and ensures an accordingly high resale value for the machine.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL28, Kinematics in general

Perfectly tuned kinematics

  • The kinematics are adapted to the size of the machine - this ensures optimum force ratios and maximum productivity for each machine.
  • The optimal matching and quality of workmanship of the loader boom design and hydraulic cylinders increases the machine's longevity and thus provides added value for the customer by increasing efficiency when working.
  • The theoretical maximum possible lifting capacity of the machine is always greater than the actual tipping load. The large hydraulic cylinders thus always offer enough reserves and the cylinders are not operated at maximum.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL28e speed 20 km/h, 25 km/h, studio

20/25 km/h Travel speed

  • Optionally available is a speed increase to 20 km/h and/or 25 km/h.
  • 20 km/h Speed increase: Ideal compromise between battery running time and the fast movement during transportation.
  • 25 km/h Speed increase: Faster movement of the machine from A to B with corresponding time-saving.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL, tyres

Optimum tires

  • The right tires for a wheel loader play an important role in actual use. If the tires are optimally matched to the ground and the area of application, the driver can work with the machine without any problems.
  • Choosing the right tires provides maximum traction as well as minimal wear, which saves money because tires don't need to be changed frequently.
  • To achieve optimal performance on any subbase, seven treads are available for selection depending on model: EM tread, AS tread, SureTrax tread, RP tread, MPT tread, multi-use tread and Bibload tread. This ensures the maximum flexibility of the machine ex work.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL38, WL44, WL52, Operating philosophy

Consistent operating philosophy

  • In all Wacker Neuson wheel loaders, there is a consistent operating concept with clearly structured and ergonomically arranged switches and keypads. All Wacker Neuson wheel loaders can be operated in a very similar or even identical way. This gives the operator the advantage of quickly finding his way around on different Wacker Neuson wheel loaders and being able to work productively.
  • The Wacker Neuson operating philosophy allows the operator to easily understand the machine, which enables him to work safely and productively. The operator can be found operating different Wacker Neuson machines, even across product groups. This is demonstrated, for example, in recurring elements such as the jog dial, joystick, display, switch assignments, etc.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL44, Ergonomic workplace

Ergonomic cockpit

  • Plenty of legroom, clearly arranged controls, comfortable operator’s seat, and optimal view of the attachment. A work area that motivates the operator and fully supports them.
  • The coordinated equipment increases comfort and allows the operator to work optimally with the machine for longer periods of time.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL28, Driver's seat

Comfortable and ergonomic operator's seat

  • The operator’s seat is adjustable, ergonomically formed and well suspended. The optional air-suspended comfort seat provides even more comfortable operation conditions. A heated seat is available for cold temperatures. This increases comfort for the operator allowing them to work with the machine for longer without fatigue.
  • Depending on the model, different seats are available to match the size of the machine. The various seat adjustment options allow individual settings for the operator, providing optimum comfort.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL28e hand throttle, studio

Manual throttle

  • The hand throttle enables the manual setting of a constant travel speed. In doing so, the foot pedal need not be operated. The variable setting is both comfortable ad precise via a corresponding potentiometer.
  • The set travel speed can be overridden with the foot pedal. If the pedal is then released, the machine will return to the set speed.
  • The hand throttle ensures comfortable and concentrated work with attachments such as a sweeper, hedge trimmer or mulcher, even over longer periods of time.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL28, Cab suspension

Cab suspension with hydromounts

  • Oscillations, vibrations and jolts are absorbed by the machine through the cab suspension with hydromounts. The operator's body is very well protected, allowing for longer work periods in a relaxed and fatigue-free manner.
  • The operator's concentration is less affected by vibrations and jolts, allowing for efficient and longer work.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL28, Adjustable steering column and steering wheel

Adjustable steering wheel and steering column

  • The steering wheel and steering column can be individually adjusted in both height and tilt over a wide range. This allows each operator to work ergonomically with the machine at the settings that suit them best.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL28e low operating costs, application

Low operating costs

  • The operating costs over the duration of the machine’s service life are reduced significantly for an electrically-driven machine when compared to those of a diesel-driven machine, because less energy and service costs are incurred.
  • The somewhat higher investment costs are recouped for a completely electrically-driven machine after a certain time of an average service life duration, depending on the usage behavior and the area of application. The purely electric drive is viewed as the most cost-effective alternative in the long run.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL28e efficient attachment use, application

Efficient attachment use

  • The machine can also be used in stationary operation. In doing so, the machine stands in a position and the work hydraulics of the 3rd control circuit are used to drive an attachment, like a log splitter. With this, the application range of the machine is extended.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL28e recuperation, application

Energy recovery through recuperation

  • The braking system recovers energy via so-called recuperation, which additionally extends the running time of the machine.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL20e, electrical parking brake

Electric parking brake

  • The electric parking brake is applied automatically when the machine is stationary, the direction of travel is set to neutral or the operator leaves the seat. The parking brake is released automatically when the machine is restarted using the accelerator pedal. This provides increased safety and comfort for the operator and their working environment. The machine can therefore be operated very efficiently thanks to the electric parking brake.
  • The electric parking brake can also be activated or deactivated manually by pressing a switch. The operator is always in control and can work with the machine according to his own needs and preferences.
  • The electric parking brake offers both a comfortable auto-hold function as well as a hill-hold function. This prevents the machine from rolling away and as a result increases safety when working. Additionally, energy is recovered using the braking system via the so-called Energy Recuperation, which also lengthens the machine’s running time.

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