Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL20e in action with earth bucket

Wheel loaders WL20e: Electric, practical, emission-free

The WL20e is the first exclusively electric-powered wheel loader by Wacker Neuson. Its performance characteristics correspond to those of a conventional diesel-powered machine. The installed 48-volt lithium-ion battery is optionally available in three power levels, so that running and charging times can be optimally matched to the work requirements. The WL20e works fully emissions-free on site and with significantly lower noise pollution. For the end user, this means greater flexibility in application, environmental protection and significant savings on operating costs.

Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL20e, lithium-ion battery

Powerful lithium-ion battery

  • Depending on the application and purpose, the appropriate battery size can be selected. A total of three maintenance-free lithium-ion batteries are available: Standard is 14.1 kWh, optionally available are 18.7 kWh or 23.4 kWh.
  • A 3 kW onboard charger is installed as standard. Optionally, a second 3 kW onboard charger can be selected to increase the charging power to a total of 6 kW, which is suitable for the medium and large battery to achieve a fast charging time.
  • The lithium-ion battery comes with a standard warranty of 36 months or 900 charging cycles (minimum 80% remaining battery capacity).
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL20-WL28, Easy Protection System (eps)

EPS folding overhead guard (Easy Protection System)

  • Compact wheel loaders can be equipped with the fold-down operator's canopy EPS (Easy Protection System). This complies with the current European Machinery Directive according to ROPS and FOPS protection. With a few hand movements, the EPS can be prepared manually for a low clearance height.
  • EPS increases the flexibility of the machine, as it can even pass through low passages. Also, the application areas of the machine are expanded. In other cases where several machines might have to be used, just one machine can get the work done. At the same time, the operator’s safety remains guaranteed.

More Features

Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL20-WL110, Multitool tool carrier

The wheel loader as an attachment carrier

  • The tasks for wheel loaders are varied and so are the attachments from Wacker Neuson. With our comprehensive and sophisticated product range of attachments, any model can become a multifunctional machine.
  • The investment asset “wheel loader” can be used for a variety of task areas and is thus very economical.
  • The machine can be used all year round (e.g. even for winter service), relying on many different attachments depending on the application.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL20-WL110, Driver's stand

Selectable operator's cab

  • Depending on the machine, different operator's cabs are available: fixed operator's canopy, fold-down operator's canopy EPS, hydraulically lowerable EPS Plus and different cab versions. Selecting the right operator's cab allows maximum flexibility for a great variety of applications and framework conditions.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL20-28, Transport car trailer

Transport on car trailer

  • Save time and transport costs: Thanks to the compact dimensions and low weight, the machines can be transported easily by car trailer.
  • The tie-downs are attached to the machine so that transport can be secured in compliance with the relevant industry standards.
  • Depending on the machine type and equipment, transport can also include the attachment.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL20e, maintenance

Easy maintenance

  • The engine hood can be opened upwards allowing the removal of the operator's seat and diverse access covers in just a few steps. This enables easy access to the hydraulics control block, the pumps, the battery, and the electric motors. With this, easy and time-saving maintenance of the machine is guaranteed.
  • A great benefit of an electrically operated machine is that clearly less maintenance arises overall than for a machine with a diesel engine.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL20e, Battery Management System (BMS)

Battery Management System (BMS)

  • The lithium-ion battery is optimally monitored by the implemented electronics system.
  • The BMS also enables significantly increased charging currents, short-term provision of power peaks and permanent monitoring of the temperature. In addition, the battery is always preheated to the optimum operating temperature.
  • The Battery Management System therefore increases efficiency and safety of the battery, and excludes the possibility of a deep discharge.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL20e, Performance

Performance when and where it's needed

  • Two separate electric motors are inserted into the machine: One for the drive system, and one for he work hydraulics drive. As a result, the energy consumption is minimized, because it is only utilized when it is really needed.
  • The electric motor for the drive system also enables the machine to start up dynamically and powerfully. This can be felt during every acceleration process and thus increases the operator's comfort.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL44, Lifting cylinder

Two powerful lifting cylinders

  • Two powerful lift cylinders ensure that the load distribution is always optimally changed over to the load arm. Also, the overall loading system gains stability, which supports the operator in application.
  • In combination with two lift cylinders, the torsion-resistant load arm prevents, to the greatest extent possible, damage to the loading system caused by torsion. This reduces possible service costs and the value retention of the machine is increased.
Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL44, easy entry

Easy entry and exit

  • In just a few steps, the operator can comfortably enter the cab or operator's platform of the machine. This is made possible by the large, non-slip steps and the easy-to-reach handholds. This increases operator safety when getting in and out of the machine.

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